Who is a stockbroker and what are the responsibilities of a stockbroker?

A stockbroker is a trading representative that suggests clients the best ways to multiply their money in the stock exchange market. Moreover, stockbroker acts as an investment expert for one’s business. Highs and lows are mandatory in his career as their salary is fully depended on a commission basis. Experience and education requirements in bachelor of business, finance, and economics are mandatory to be a stockbroker. A continuing study is very important to remain licensed. Strong market knowledge and understanding of clients are also some of the important aspects that are required. Stock trading isn’t that easy so there are many Stock brokerage companies that serve their valuable customers.

Here are top 5 stock brokerage companies of India:

  • INDIABULLS VENTURES LTD is India’s leading capital market company that offers services like commodities, securities and other broking services like currency. The headquarters of the firm exists in Gurgaon, India since January 2000. Though the company serves several areas, still the firm is not performing that much good in the market but has been proved a good option for initial investors.

  • KARVY STOCK BROKING LTD (KSBK) is spread nationwide with various networks of offices. It is a private finance firm that serves few areas all over the world also other than India. It was founded in 1983 in Hyderabad, India. They have many facilities like equities, currency, initial public offerings, derivatives, mutual funds, and other things. The company is also having a business of Forex trading so their attention is not towards a particular business which may be output for losses.

  • SHAREKHAN is a Mumbai based company financial service company that came in the eyes of people in 2000. Kiran Kumar is the CEO and BNP Paribas is the parent of the company. The company has 153 branches that are spread over 575 locations with 2,400 business partners. It also executes over 4 lakh trades each day. This company is surviving as other great competitors in the market are working so well.

  • INDIA INFOLINE FINANCE LTD (IIFL) is registered with National Securities Depository Ltd. Its trade name is India Infoline and the other one is its former name. This company is facing very tough competition in the market. It is a public company that was founded in 1995. 10,500 employees have been attached to the firm. This is also a Mumbai based company that serves many other areas.

  • WISDOM CAPITAL is one of the leading discount brokers in India that presents excellent customer service with intraday exposures. It is trending as the highest leverage broker in India. The company provides a suitable mobile application for stock trade that is feasible for each consumer. Minimal brokerage rates make people attract more with better-experienced trades. This company has been emerged as the best discount stock broker by offering excellent brokerage services ever.

Investing wisely would be justifiable and reasonable. A Service broker helps you multiply your amount while having a commission on every transition in return. So, choosing the best company according to personal needs and likings might help everyone.

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