The market of smartphone is vibrant and a highly competitive one in modern times. As a lot of companies have gone on to make a foray into the market, this has benefitted the modern day consumer in a big way. The buyer is in a situation where they are spoilt in terms of choices. Because the phone market is competitive, a lot of companies are in direct competition with each other in order to grab your attention. Eventually the competition would boil down to a prominent big name with a local company trying to prove its existence.

If the company has gone on to formulate a name for itself in the market, you may figure out that they do lack in terms of quality hardware and software. All these things are covered up when they have a large than life brand image. But at the same time the rivals look to attract the customers with the unique services they provide. In fact these companies go on to provide the latest of services, with up to date operating system and the hardware is of next generation. A combination of all these features are seen enough to lure a customer in order to purchase a smartphone. Before you go on to purchase a smartphone there are certain pointers you need to be aware

Battery life

Your dream phone needs to have a long battery life. Of the various smartphone in Africa Mara phones is rated to have a long battery life. The battery needs to be heavy and this would point to a longer battery backup. If the phone is large enough their batteries are expected to be heavy as the display size is large.

Latest in hardware

The phone that you are about to use must need to provide you with the latest in terms of hardware. The hardware is the crux of the phone as it needs to be superior quality. Most of the companies end up offering a good quality phone or a microprocessor, but they end up comprising on the display of the phone. If the hardware of the phone is good it can go on to perform a lot of task simultaneously. Just when you are watching a video you can at the same time strike a conversation with your friends. In the affordable smartphones in South Africa Mara brand tops the list. Though in terms of performances most of the phones are similar but Mara deserves a special mention.


When it is the case of a traditional phone it is equipped with a pin protection or password. There is also a possibility where you draw up figures on the phone in order to unlock the phone. The pin or the patterns were still a cause of concern it would be always better to ensure that the phone is secured. In the case of Mara phones they have an extra layer of security

All the versions of Mara phones are technologically advanced and provide the latest in safety features.


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