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Throw a Party Like a Boss And Stay Stress-Free

Are you dying to show off your inner party planner? Everyone likes parties. Almost everyone likes to attend them, but not everyone has what it takes to plan a killer event. It’s a true art form.

It doesn’t take much to invite a bunch of friends to your crib. You may end up having a great time, but it’s no guarantee. However, you can go the extra mile to make sure that happens.

Introduce Something New

Open the eyes of your guests and spice things up with a bit of education. Have you been abroad for a long time? Share the experience with your friends, tangibly.

Introduce a new cuisine to them, the one you tried on your travels. Have you encountered any customs or traditions that were a true culture shock? Show them what they look like. Bring new experiences into their lives.

Invite Your Neighbors

Whether you live across an apartment crammed with four millennial roommates or an old lady with three lovely cats, extend invitations to every neighbor. Warning them upfront about the noise won’t appease them. It won’t do you much good if you interrupt your neighbor’s time to unwind with Fitz and Olivia Pope.

Let them know you want them to be a part of the experience. Hopefully, they’ll figure out this means, “please don’t narc on me and file a noise complaint, I’ve given you fair warning.” It’s good to make them feel special even though they probably won’t show up. Perhaps there’ll be one grumpy neighbor who won’t be all that pleased, but you did your part as a respectful member of the community.

Craft Your Guest List Carefully

Leave the courtesy invitations at your neighbors’ doorsteps. But, we’re not done with strategic invites yet. The success of your fun party depends on the people you invite over. Naturally, you want to invite friends who love having a great time.

However, to make sure things run smoothly, you’ll need a couple of key players. Is one of your friends a total neat freak? Good. You need someone who’ll make sure people use coasters when things get messy. How about inviting that buffed gym buddy of yours? In case things get crazy, you could use a bouncer.

Party Games and Themes

Games are a proven way of setting a fun mood. However, traditional card games like Uno are too predictable. Try to be creative. You could set up a party theme and tailor your games accordingly.

For instance, you can go for a Prohibition-era-themed event with a different party game in every corner and a Peaky Blinders dress code in place. Imagine you’re all Bugsy Siegel’s henchmen enjoying a weekend getaway in 1920’s Las Vegas.

Create a Playlist

If you want to keep the party going, you may need to hone your DJ skills. Every proper event needs a suitable soundtrack. However, your DJ skills may not be up to par. Even then, you can still make a great host.

Outsource the job to your old college roommate who was always a true turntable aficionado. How about inviting an aspiring local musician from the area? They’ll appreciate the exposure, and you’ll have some cost-effective live entertainment.

Set up a dance floor. Dim the lights, decorate the area and push all the furniture to the side. The bigger the better. Your dancefloor can help set the atmosphere.

Make Introductions

Ideally, you’d want your party to be an event where new friendships are born. To ensure that happens, make introductions. You’d want to avoid being a babysitter to your socially awkward friend for the whole night. Start conversations between guests who are not acquainted with each other. Help them build rapport in a few sentences and then move on to the next pair.

And, if you want your party to be a proper banger, you need to mix up the guests. Invite your favorite barista, a couple of yoga class buddies, a few interesting co-workers, and someone new whom you’ve met recently. Give the attendees a chance to mingle with some fresh faces.


As a takeaway, here’s the most important tip of all – stay sober. Bummer, right? However, it’s a small sacrifice that can help make sure everyone takes some awesome memories home that night. When your lucidity escapes you, missteps can occur.

Be a responsible host. Having a huge hangover the next day can be worth it, sure. But, waking up with your memory intact in the morning will allow you to analyze the events of last night and see what you could do better next time. You may even discover that party planning is your hidden talent and that you can make a living out of it.

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