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Tips to visit Saudi Arabia

It was so difficult to get the visa of Saudi Arabia before. Only the Muslims could be able to get the Pilgrimage visa for performing Hajj or Umrah, or the businessmen but only if they had a strong sponsor. That was impossible for the tourists to get the Visa to visit Saudi Arabia other than the diplomats, the official high-scale visitors.

But now, Saudi Arabia is changing. The visitors from any corner of the world can visit Saudi Arabia (Non-Muslims can’t visit the two cities Mecca, and Medina). If you are a backpacker or traveling with family, Saudi Arabia is a stunning destination having remarkable natural and archaeological sites.

  • How to get a visa for Saudi Arabia?

There is an online portal Sharek.sa which keeps you update about the upcoming events in Saudi Arabia and gives you an opportunity of e-Visa process. Events in Saudi Arabia round the year are of two types, cultural and sports. If you are women and want to travel solo, just don’t worry and go to apply for a visa, your application will be accepted and will be issued visa through the same process. Mostly the 30 days permit to be issued to the travelers, it is a pass to roam anywhere In Saudi Arabia except Mecca and Media if you are a non-Muslim.

  • When to travel to Saudi Arabia?

The visas are open throughout the year other than the Hajj or some specific days. You can find the events happening in Saudi Arabia and analyze the right time to get there.

You can attend the event in Al-Ula, the event of Golf tournament which takes place on the dates of January. Global village event is the new offering and held in the last dates of March. With the Village, the site comes in my mind is, must see the place in Saudi Arabia. There is a beautiful village, Rajal Almaa in the south of the country. That will add in your best moments in Saudi Arabia I’m sure. You can also spend days dividing your time there into halves and quarters to explore your destination in more detail.

  • Flock to the Capital, Riyadh

Flock Capital Riyadh

The hub of culture and trade, the capital of Saudi Arabia Riyadh have a great significance for the outer world. When in Riyadh, you will be at the Masmak Cetedal to explore the unique history, Al- Faisaliyah Center to mark the masterpiece architecture of the place, Get into the Museum to find something of your interest. You will end the day by opting the best restaurant in the town and will try the authentic delicious tastes of the kingdom. You will be provided with every facility if in the top notch place in Riyadh. Wadi Hanifa would be explored by you on the very next day, On Naila Art gallery you will find the very exciting local art pieces. On leaving Riyadh, why not to pay a visit to the residents of the nearby Zoo? It would be so funny. Finishing with the exploration early, you will be easy to travel back home timely.

The people in Saudi Arabia are so hospitable and very courteous. Locals become your friends within no time and always ready to help you with your things. You, as a traveler have to keep few things in mind to bridge some cultural gap from your side as well. You will be feeling at home there taking care of these norms in KSA.

  • Best things to do in Jeddah

Best things to do in Jeddah

Jeddah is famous as the Bride of the Red Sea. It is a commercial and entertainment capital of Saudi Arabia. Jeddah offers various gleaming sites and activities with its traditional delicious cuisine to inspire you. You would be amazed to visit such a magical place like Jeddah Corniche. It is a coastal resort area of the city having a lot of recreational opportunities for the visitors, sculptures and the most famous King Fahad’s fountain, said to be the highest fountain in the world.

You will not forget to stroll in the old town in Jeddah, locals call it Balad. That will tell you the old tales and the norms Saudis still keep. If you are a Muslim, you have an option to visit Mecca, the historically and religiously significant places there like Jabal-e-Noor, Haram, etc. Keep yourself up to the weather details because it is your great concern.

  • Visiting Beautiful Medina (For Muslims only)

Visiting Beautiful Medina

You will be traveling from Jeddah to Medina by air or on bus, it Is up to you. Muslims around the world visit the holy city of Medina as it is an important part of their Pilgrimage. Most tourism in Medina, the second-holiest city in Islam, comes from pilgrims who visit as part of the Hajj, an annual traditional journey that ends in Mecca. Visit the sacred places in Medina, Masjid e Nabvi, Quba Mosque, Masjid al Qiblatain. Next day you will set out to visit the sightseeing places and the most famous old Mazaar in Medina city. Dar al-Medina Museum, monuments, Jannat ul Baqi, and Mount Uhud, all these destinations are to be explored by the visitors.

Things to Remember

Wear an Abaya, For Women: For the women, in Saudi Arabia, is a religious tradition to cover up her whole body. This is a norm you can follow and feel comfortable in the town, street or anywhere you would be.

Some public spaces are still segregated by sex: Dining in the local restaurants or some public event like marriage etc, you will face the sex segregation in Saudi Arabia as this is the normal value they follow in their daily lives. You as a traveler will be ready to accept it as a norm. They won’t judge you anyway, don’t worry.

Don’t drink alcohol: Better is to Prefer not to consume Alcohol in Saudi Arabia to avoid any trouble.

There are a number of other beautiful, and hidden gems to explore across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that you probably haven’t even heard of. So, take a week break, set out on a tour to Saudi Arabia, it will be an amazing mid break hopefully.

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