First time parents receive many new baby gifts to receive the bundle of joy. They will need all the help they can get to change, clothe, feed and travel with, to take care of the baby. All these wonderful gifts are appreciated though they can be overwhelming. It is not a bad thing to focus on baby when buying gifts, however, when already late with your gift and you feel like the baby has everything, try to think out of the box and get them something unique but practical. Gifts that are not related to the baby, will give the new parents a conducive environment to take care and bring up the little one.

In this article, I will show you 20 gifts for first time parents that may or may not be related to the baby.

Fitness Tracker

This is a great gift for the first time mothers. She needs to watch her health now that the baby is here and a few things have changed regarding her health. The new experience of running up and down to change the baby, feed the baby can really make her break a sweat. All these activities make a great fitness routine and all she needs is a Fitbit fitness tracker to help you help her monitor the steps and heart rate to remain healthy after delivery.

A deluxe Instant Pot

deluxe Instant PotEvery new mother needs this gift to help her get the food ready fast so that she can go back to take care of her bundle of joy. With this instant pot, cooking foods is reduced by 70%.

A Spa Set for the Mother

Spa Set for the Mother

Now that attention is set on the new baby, you may not get enough time as a mother to treat yourself and that is why you need this gift that includes a cuticle oils, face serums, masks and polishes.

A Collapsible Mug

Collapsible MugTo keep the new parents on their feet caffeine is very necessary. And to keep your coffee hot as you carry out your chores, you need this collapsible mug so that take sips as work.

A Pair of Headphones

To enjoy the few minutes of peace, you need this headphones since all they will be hearing are the baby’s cries. This is a great gift to help them relax while traveling or running errands.

Baby Photo Album

Having the first baby in your marriage is an experience that needs to be cherished. Make it memorable by gifting first time moms with a photo album. They can mount all the photos and other important details about the baby as it grows up.

Baby Diapers

Baby Diapers

For any gift you can think for a new parent, you can never go wrong with diapers. This is an essential for any mother who has just delivered a baby. Both disposal and cloth diapers are great but for environmental conscious individuals, the cloth diapers will do.

Baby’s Room Décor

Baby’s Room Décor

The baby’s room is also an important aspect and you can gift them with baby’s room decor and other fun stuff. These are things like wall stickers, baby room lighting, height charts, rugs and carpets, drapes and baby boy flower arrangements for baby boys.

Bath Towel

Bath TowelFor the new parents getting even a couple of minutes for a simple shower is not easy. Treat them with a new set of 100% cotton towel from Japan.

Body Pillow for Chill Nights

Get the new parents a bedroom upgrade by gifting them with this great pillow that can be used for cuddling and chill nights before the baby wakes up.

A set of luggage

A set of luggage

This great gift from Away is for the travelling new parents. They are designed for ease of access and practicality in mind. They have ejectable batteries for phone charging on the go.

Silver Jewellery Items

Silver Jewellery Items

Silver items have several health benefits compared to other metals. You can gift the mother anything made from silver including bangles, anklets to silver glasses, bowls and spoon.

Diaper Bag

Diaper BagA diaper bag is another important gift for new parents that accommodate disposal diapers, baby wipes and tissue. It has a changing mat and compartment for diaper rash cream and sanitizers.

Gift Cheque

Gift Cheque

For those who are always in a rush and don’t have enough time to get the new parents a gift, then a gift cheque is enough. This allows them to get what they find necessary.

Feeding Essentials

Feeding EssentialsBaby feeding products like different sizes baby battles and also different sizes nipples can also make great gifts. Besides these you can also gift them with assorted gift hampers.

Scented candle

Scented candle

Scented candles offer the new parents a chance to reminisce of the honeymoon they had while the baby is sleeping. This tropical scented candle with new baby flower arrangements makes you feel like they are in paradise.

Baby Skincare Products

The baby’s skin is very sensitive and needs products that will sooth their skin. These products may include: diaper rash cream, foam shampoo, baby body lotion, massage oil, baby soap, baby wipes.

Mobile Baby Play Gym

Mobile Baby Play Gym

This gift helps in keeping the baby busy so that the mother can do her chores fast before it starts demanding for food and attention.

New baby flowers and gifts are a must for first time parents. New parents have it easy when they are gifted with all these amazing gifts for their new born. Always remember that the gift doesn’t need to be for the baby, but also for the parents to congratulate them for having brought a new life in this world. You don’t have to spend much just what you can afford and they will surely appreciate it.

Matching Pyjamas

Matching PyjamasAnother practical gift for new parents a set of matching pyjamas. It is a perfect gift to bond both parents as they take care of the new born.

Rattlers and Musical Toys

Rattlers and Musical Toys The market is flooded with baby toys that will help new parents relax as the baby plays with these toys. The musical and rattling toys are commendable as they keep the baby busy as the mother prepares dinner.


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