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Understanding Energy Efficiency Ratio for AC

There is nothing more comfortable than the modern invention that is air conditioning during summer months.

An air conditioner – from windows to split to the inverter to portable AC can match your needs and make you comfortable on a hot and humid day. And there is no better feeling than walking away from the sweltering heat and going into a room that is cooled.

But when it comes to buying an AC, many people falter or make a mistake and either, buy a wrong sized device or avoid purchasing it owing to higher electricity bills.

However, with energy efficient and higher BEE Rated ACs available in the market, you can choose between a 3 Star vs 5 Star AC and save on energy bills. Going through this ac buying guide post, let’s understand the energy efficiency of air conditioners!

BEE Star Rating for ACs

BEE stands for Bureau of Energy Efficiency, and it is a Government of India undertaking that was started in 2002. It allocates Star Rating to air conditioners and other bulky devices such as refrigerators and more.

Thus, if you buy a 3 BEE Star rated AC, then you will be able to save up to 15%. On the other hand, if you are buying a 5 BEE Star AC, then you will be able to enjoy a saving of up to 25% on monthly power units.

Thus, if you were confused between a 3 Star vs 5 Star AC, then you will be able to save more while buying a 5 Star BEE Rated AC.

If you can afford, you should go for an inverter AC as it can help you use it for long hours and still be able to save more on energy bills.

What are the factors to consider operating an energy-efficient AC?  

  • Always buy the right sized AC

If you install a 1 ton AC in a large space, then your AC will strain to cool the room. In the process, it will consume more power units. Hence, you should always install the right sized air conditioner. For a small room, 1 ton AC will be apt, and a 1.5 ton AC will be suitable for a medium to a large room.

  • Bring home a 4-5 Star BEE Rated AC

It would be better to go for a 4-5 Star BEE Rated AC so that you are able to save anywhere between 15 to 25% on electricity consumption compared to lower rated ACs.

  • Go for an inverter AC

Compared to a split AC, an inverter AC can help you save more on electricity bills while using it for longer durations in shops, offices and even homes. The price of an inverter AC may be a bit more than other variants, but if you look at long-term benefits, then it is the best solution. Most of the brands in India are now launching their inverter ACs. You can also come across dual inverter ACs that may help you save even more than a conventional inverter AC in India.

Since an AC consumes a bigger chunk of power units if you use it for longer hours, it would be good to follow measures to bring down the overall electricity bills. You are now aware of the concept and importance of BEE and energy-efficiency of ACs. You can also follow the discussed pointers to save more while still buying the best AC.

If you are looking to bring home the best split AC in India, then you can compare the best AC models across brands on a third-party website. This way, you will be able to bring home an AC that matches your needs and budget the best.

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