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Valentine’s Day History and Valentine’s Day Greeting Cards

Valentines day is an eve which reminds us of love and peace. The day is full of love in the air. The celebration lasts a week and is very popular among youths. People exchange gifts, greeting cards, chocolates and teddy bears with each other.

Valentine's Day

Valentines day greeting card is something which marks the day and is the most sold product of the valentine week. The heart shape designs, flamboyant flowers, red roses and many fancy gift design are the traditional symbols of the valentine day greeting cards.

A brief History about the Valentine Day:

Ancient Romans celebrated the feast of Lupercalia from 13th to 15th February. People believe that the origin of Valentine’s Day belong to the ancient festival of fertility. On this occasion the Roman men sacrificed goats in order to use their skins to whip women in the belief that doing this would make them fertile. But many historian’s claim that by the end of 5th century Pope Gelasius 1 declared 14th February to be the Valentine’s Day in an attempt to reclaim this festival from Romans and Christianise it.

Valentine’s Day Greeting Cards History

The English, French and American valentines were little more than just few lines of handwritten verse on a sheet of paper but as of 18th century they began to make it more attractive with pictures as well. Later this got even more improvised as they began to add pictures flowers, pictures,hearts, birds etc. All the were either painted or en-carved on the cards in order to make the cards lot more attractive. These cards were then folded and presented at lady’s doorstep.

The modern Valentine’s Day Greeting Cards

But today, the valentine’s day greeting cards are lot more different. As the years rolled, the cards and the way to present the cards became more attractive. Now there are many good vendors who design exclusive collection of valentine’s day greeting cards. These cards are really eye catching and praiseworthy. Today you can find printed cards, folded cards, cards with music or musical cards, cards with lovey pictures of heart, petals and leaves popping out to make it alluring.

Over a period of time the making of greeting cards have been commercialized. The commercialization in this industry have helped people too choose from a wide variety of options. Now people can make a wise choice and at the same time not compromise with the quality of the cards and gifts.

The Valentine Week:


The Valentine week begins on 7th of February and continues till 14th February. It is celebrated over a week. The doesn’t just last a day or two, the joy and thrill remains at least week. All seven days comes with special days for you spread love and express God’s message of love to your loved one’s. Here is the essence of all seven days:

7th February – Rose Day
8th February – Propose Day
9th February – Chocolate Day
10th February – Teddy Bear
11th February – Promise Day
12th February – Kiss Day
13th February – Hug Day
14th February – Valentine’s Day

Enjoy the vibes and essence of Valentines Day by sharing gifts, Valentine’s Day Greeting cards and love with people.

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