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What are the Pros and Cons of Circumcision?

Circumcision is one of the ancient practices used to remove the foreskin [prepuce] that covers the head [glans] of the penis. In this modern and medically advanced world, many parents have their sons circumcised for various reasons.

But whatever the reason is, if you or your loved one is planning to undergo circumcision, you should know the pros and cons associated with it. This post will help you understand better the pros and cons of circumcision.

Pros and Cons of Circumcision:

Circumcision can be performed on newborn males and adults as well. For newborn males, it is usually performed on the first or second day after birth. It is easy to remove the foreskin for newborns while compared with adults, children, and older babies.

In most cases, circumcision is left as a decision to parents or the child himself when he is older. Doctors can suggest parents and help them understand the risks, benefits, complications, and importance of circumcision in an unbiased manner. 

Here are some of the pros and cons of circumcision.

Pros of circumcision:

  • Decreases the incidence of urinary tract infections
  • Reduces the chance of developing a penile cancer
  • Less risk of sexually transmitted diseases [STDs]
  • Lowers the female-to-male transmission of HIV
  • Decreases the risk of cervical cancer and other infections in female partners
  • Prevents and treats foreskin and penile problems like balanitis, balanoposthitis, paraphimosis, phimosis, etc
  • Makes it easier to maintain good genital hygiene
  • Reduces ceratin penile problems like swelling and inflammation


Cons of circumcision:

  • Pain in the penis while urinating [temporary]
  • Swelling in the genital area for a few days, which subsides over a period of time
  • Discomfort that reduces within a week after the surgery
  • Maybe seen as disfigurement by some
  • Poor healing, bleeding, and infection due to improper cutting of the foreskin

Circumcision has no effect on a man’s fertility. But regarding the same, there are several medical studies with mixed results. One of the renowned doctors from circumciondoctors.com says – ‘circumcision was not associated with sexual dysfunction and did not affect the fertility of a male. On the contrary, it has several benefits, and it is recommended for adults who are suffering from foreskin problems.’

With the latest medical advancements, different methods are used to remove the foreskin. Each method has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Different methods of Circumcision:

Three methods of circumcision are widely used to remove the foreskin and are:

  • Forceps-guided
  • Dorsal slit
  • Sleeve resection.

These methods are device-based or conventional circumcision methods.


Advantages and disadvantages of different methods of circumcision are:

Forceps-guided circumcision:

In this method, the foreskin is pulled out in front of the glans. Then a pair of locking forceps is clamped across it. The scalpel is run across the face of the forceps to remove the foreskin.

Advantages [Pros] Disadvantages [Cons]
  • Requires less time to complete when compared with other methods
  • Medical professionals can easily learn this method
  • Removes the desired length of foreskin
  • Not suitable for boys below 15 years
  • Glans not visible during the surgery
  • Leaves a wider cuff of mucosal skin


Dorsal slit circumcision:

The dorsal slit method of circumcision involves the division of the inner and the outer preputial layers dorsally. This method helps the surgeon to completely excise the prepuce under direct vision.

Advantages [Pros] Disadvantages [Cons]
  • Helps to treat various foreskin problems like paraphimosis, balanitis, phimosis, etc.
  • Require more time to complete
  • Risk of urethral meatus injury


Sleeve resection circumcision:

This method involves retraction of the prepuce over the glans penis and a circumferential incision around the shaft. Then, the prepuce is returned to cover the glans, and another circumferential incision is made around the shaft at the same place as the first one. Now, a longitudinal cut is made between the two circumferential incisions to remove the strip of skin.

Advantages [Pros] Disadvantages [Cons]
  • Can achieve the best and desired cosmetic outcomes
  • Involves no bleeding [almost bloodless]
  • Glans can be seen during surgery
  • Reduces the risk of removing too much or too little foreskin
  • Requires more time to complete
  • Risk of infection


The information provided here is not for the purposes of medical diagnosis or treatment. This should be used only to have a general idea about the pros and cons of circumcision. For more information, you can have a consultation with our doctors.

Final Words:

Circumcision is highly effective in treating and curing medical conditions that are related to the foreskin or penis. Any male can undergo circumcision at any age. Before undergoing the circumcision, consult the doctor and know about the benefits and risks associated with it. Also, clarify all your doubts and make the right decision.

In case you want to have a consultation with one of the best and highly trained circumcision specialists at your nearest location, you can contact us.

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