The contemporary android cell phones considered the best of the best mobile phones devices these days. People all around the world have got interested in the android phones and gadgets such as tablets and pads due to its user –friendly interface and its features fill more colors in its usage and provide the exciting experience. Furthermore, when these cell phones connected to the internet user can use all the trendy instant messaging apps including WhatsApp social messaging app. Having android mobile phone devices and installed WhatsApp messenger would be ultimate and full of fun compatibility for the users.

The social media app has also come up with its numerous and state of art of fundamental features that provide a free service to users to send and receive text messages, make audio and video conversations, chat, and group conversations shared media files such as photos and videos and WhatsApp Voice messages. All these activities on the android phone bring an easy way to use the messenger and today everyone has owned android cell phone device along with the installed instant messaging app. However, there are many logical reasons that force people to monitor WhatsApp app on Android devices by using WhatsApp tracking software for Android.

Who genuinely wants to monitor WhatsApp messenger?

The rise and rise of WhatsApp social messaging app among the young generation have made parenting a tough job over the last few years. None of the parents want to see their kids and teens spending all day long on the social networking apps. However, people working in business organizations also want to keep an eye on their employee’s activities.

Parents want to monitor WhatsApp on android

So, they want to know what sort of activities kids and teens have done on WhatsApp messenger installed on their android phones. The reason behind parent’s insecurities to prevent kids and teens from engaging online with the cyber bullies, stalkers, sexual predators and don’t adopt the habit of sexting or to plan a blind date with someone online. Therefore, parents start lurking towards the WhatsApp monitoring app for Android in order to protect kids and teens from cyber dangers that are trapping teens and kids using social media apps.

Employers want to monitor employees WhatsApp on android

The business firms where employers allow their employees to use the instant messengers for the purpose of instant communication on the company have owned android cell phones and gadgets. On the other hand, employees use the Android devices for personal means and often used it for wasting time in gossips or talking with the family members using WhatsApp. This may lead the business to lack of productivity. So, employers want to monitor WhatsApp with cell phone monitoring software.
Use WhatsApp spy app to monitor WhatsApp

All you need to do is to subscribe online with the best cell phone surveillance software compatible with your target android phone. Then you will receive an email that contains passcode and ID and then get a physical access on the target device and installed it and activate it once you have done the process of installation process successfully. Furthermore, you want to monitor the target cell phone of Android along with the installed social networking app WhatsApp secretly, and then you can make the android monitoring app sneaky and can snoop into the target phone and messenger. Now use the credentials you have received via email at the time of subscription in order to get access to the online control panel of the mobile phone tracking app. Now you can visit the WhatsApp monitoring app tools that can make you bring out the information of your target person to the fullest on the instant messaging app.

Use WhatsApp tracking app tools to track WhatsApp on android

After you have got the access to the online control panel of the cell phone monitoring spyware, then visit the tracking features and use IM’s social media tool. It will enable a user to view the WhatsApp logs along with the complete time stamp. You can view text messages, chat conversations, shared media such as photos and videos, WhatsApp Voice Calls, audio and video conversations and other. Moreover, you can use the Live Screen recording tool of the WhatsApp surveillance software. It enables you to make short back to back videos of the android screen when the messenger is running on it. You can get access to all these videos of the screen using the online control panel. This will provide parents complete information regarding kids and teens activities they have performed on the social app running in the android. It means you can do a parenting job effectively. However, parents can make a complete check on the employee’s activities on WhatsApp using cell phone spy app.


No matter what sort of activities you are looking forward to monitoring on the target android cell phone device or gadget, cell phone spying software is the one and the only tool that can monitor WhatsApp social networking app to the fullest.



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