Do you know anything about yes no tarot? Do you want to know all about it? Then stick to this amazing piece of write up that explicitly explains almost everything about this way of tarot prediction.

Everything in this existing year is instant- the noodles, the coffee, the payments, instant loans, and everything else. So how about getting instant answers from the universe itself? Sounds thrilling and absurd at the same time.

But yes folks, it is possible to get the instant answers with tarot cards. Tarot cards have witnessed centuries transiting and the method of future prediction has unfolded greatly. I remember having a conversation with an elderly tarot psychic(let’s call Miranda) and another psychic(let’s call Ann) who was middle-aged in her forties.

Miranda was not in favor of the evolutions we implement. She meant about the new introductions in the tarot cards. Yes or no tarot card reading was the point of discussion to be precise. She was upset about the fact why people these days are trusting a reading procedure that does not find its roots from ancient times. In fact, Miranda said she does not trust these precise readings at all.

To this, Ann replied “Tarot cards are not bound to anything. It completely depends upon people who interpret them. Tarot is something that requires a personal relationship. This simply is an interpreting tool and you can use it the way you like”.

Fair enough. I was very much impressed and affected by this because, in reality, this is what tarot is. Limitless and without any boundaries. Next, the conversation heated up when Miranda complained saying “Whatever but this method of getting instant answers from tarot cards is not doing justice to the real essence of the tarot. Moreover, it is a threat to the ancient tarot archetype and tarot fraternity”.

I was eagerly waiting to see what Ann had to say about this. Ann replied saying “Human beings are evolving and so are the tarot cards. Tarot card practicing methods are flourishing. Their existence is not at risk. I agree with the fact that tarot’s essence is to provide spiritual, mental, and physical healing to the querent, but for this, they must have time as well. If they are seeking a bit of instant advice and if tarot cards are capable of providing the same then what’s the loss in it?”

Absolutely. I murmured. This satisfied the currents of rage in Miranda. Though she was not completely satisfied with the concept she was now not even on the opposite side. So, friends, this conversation reminds me of the fact that there are a number of tarot card readers who do not believe that yes or no tarot cards can be accurate. Yet, the ones that believe in it, outnumber the ones who don’t.

The Concept Of Yes Or No Tarot Card Reading 

When in life, the situations come in where you need someone to guide you and to help you decide between two things, then you can take help from this branch of esoteric tarot reading that gives you answers accurately.

For this, one just needs to be prepared with their question in advance and the tarot shall guide them to the correct path. For yes or no tarot card to give accurate results, you must frame your question in the most direct and simple way.

Approaching these tarot cards with a direct approach may give better results to the querent. Also, the question must be focussing on you. Your decisions, your demands, and your events.

For instance, asking “Will my friends plan our trip” will not give better results but asking “Should I go on the trip my friends are planning” makes better sense to tarot cards. And better the sense, appropriate will be the results.

Usually, a single card spread is enough for the yes or no tarot card reading. But with the three-card spread, each card represents definite time. One for the past, one for the present, and one for the future.

But there isn’t something that more cards spread is better. It all depends upon the reading source. The answers do not depend on the spread.


Personally, I believe that single card readings are better as there are no chances of ambiguity compared to the other ones. Just draft your question to the point and trust the verdict of the cards.

Put forth your question and move forward with the same mindset. You will notice that yes or no tarot cards are accurate. It is a reliable way to get instant answers to your questions. You can choose to do this reading through the app ‘Tarot Life’ which is really good at giving you the guidance. So close your eyes, invest some faith in tarot and go ahead!


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